Automatically Rotate a Group of Images

Handling a large group of image files might be a tiresome process if you plan to apply image rotation to each and every one of them. Opening and processing each one separately means spending a lot of time doing repetitive operations. So why not opt for a program that supports batch rotation of images? We recommend reaConverter, a quality piece of software which can help you handle over 500 image file formats.

With reaConverter Lite you can automatically rotate a group of images by following a few simple steps. Here they are below:

Download reaConverter

First, download and install the Lite edition from It’s a free edition of reaConverter software. You will notice it doesn’t take too much space on your computer, it’s quick to install and easy to use.

Load images

Load all the images you need to automatically rotate by using the program’s handy drag-and-drop feature, or by selecting them and pushing the “Add to file list” button.

Add image editing

In the next step of the conversion process, browse through the available image editing options and pick “Automatic rotate” (see screen cap below).

Enabling this feature will help you change the orientation of your image from portrait to landscape and the other way around, or rotate using EXIF orientation information. It can also help you deskew images, or straighten them in case they feature any text. Such changes applied to your photos can cause some image quality loss and in this case you can tick the “Antialiasing” box and choose among the available options here (see screen cap below).

Here you can also opt for a wide array of other image editing options, including Automatic crop and Automatic Square, as well as adding image filters or correcting colors, adding watermarks or image effects and many more.

Save your result

In the final step of the conversion process, choose the format of the output images. reaConverter can be used both as a converter and as a tool to help you automatically rotate a group of images or apply other batch editing options.

If you use it as a converter, choose among the image file extensions available, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIF, as well as other, less popular formats. If you use it as an editing tool, the output format will be identical with the input format for your image files. Just pick their location and decide if you want to automatically modify the filename for all the converted files. Then start the conversion process and enjoy your rotated image files in no time and for free!

Advanced users can auto rotate using command line interface, watch folders or DLL in automated mode. You are welcome to contact our technical support when you have any questions about reaConverter.