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How to Create EPS Files with Preview

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector format used for storing images and drawings. Such files can contain maps, logos or detailed layouts and can include both vector and bitmap data. Compared to the similar PS format, EPS not only uses the PostScript language to describe graphics, but also stores an “encapsulated” preview of low-resolution, that can be displayed by some programs.

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How to Convert EPS to CMYK


EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector graphics format particularly associated with Adobe Illustrator, but also compatible with other graphics design software, such as Corel Draw. The format uses the PostScript page description language and includes or “encapsulates” a low-resolution preview, which can be displayed by some programs.

Printing EPS files requires a machine which supports PostScript. For best results in terms of rendering colors and shapes from screen to paper, EPS images should be converted to CMYK color space before printing. In other words, the combination of colors used for representing the image should be changed from the primary colors of light — Red-Green-Blue (RGB), which is typical for TVs, computers and other types of backlit monitors — to the primary colors of pigment — Cyan-Magenta-Yellow and Key/Black, which is more suitable for the printed paper.

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Convert EPS to PDF Retaining Vectors

Converting a vector image format to PDF usually implies that some of the information used to compress the image is lost and, hence, the quality of the image is affected. However, when you use a powerful converter such as reaConverter, which fits the needs of both professional and amateur graphic designers, you no longer need to compromise when it comes to preserving image quality.

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How to Convert EPS Images with the Command-Line Interface

EPS conversion by command line

“I am looking for a tool to open EPS images from a webpage and save them as JPEGs to another location. Can reaConverter help me do this?”

One of our users recently sent us this question, so we passed it on to Alexander Korostelev from reaConverter, together with a few other questions regarding the use of a converter through a command-line interface.

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Do I Need GhostScript When I Convert a PDF?

We recently received this question from a ReaConverter user who tried to convert a PDF document into an AI (Adobe Illustrator) image format and was slightly puzzled by a message that popped up before conversion, saying GhostScript is required. He also mentioned a GhostScript driver was already installed on his computer, so he couldn’t figure out why the conversion wouldn’t work.

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