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Converting PDFs Through Command-Prompt

Converting PDF from cmd

If you are a software developer who is trying to design a program that, among others, can deliver PDF conversion, reaConverter Pro is just what you need. Through its advanced feature that allows it to be operated through the command-line interface, reaConverter will easily integrate into the custom solution that meets the needs of your program’s client.

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How to Convert AutoCAD DXF Files into PDFs

AutoCAD is one of the most popular programs used by architects, engineers and other professionals in the design and construction industries for delivering computer-aided design and drafting. In case you are one of its users, you may have come across DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) files — a format introduced in the 1980s for increasing the interoperability of AutoCAD files. DXF files were meant to reproduce DWG files and had subsequent releases in the following years.

In case you found or were sent a DXF file but do not have AutoCAD installed and you don’t know how to open it, conversion to PDF is the best option. It only takes a few clicks with reaConverter.

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How to Convert to PDF/A


PDF/A is an alternative to PDF meant to ensure more safety and durability for the content of your documents. The format includes an ISO standardization which eliminates the risk of modifications that might appear when the document is visualised in the future using different software.

In other words, PDF/A documents can ensure the document will be compatible with future software and will stay exactly the same in the years to come, as far as fonts, images, colours and many other details are concerned.

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How to Convert Documents into PCL Files


The PCL (Printer Command Language) format was initially designed only for Hewlett-Packard inkjet printers in the 1980s, but in time it became a standard applied all over the printing industry. Though similar to PostScript in terms of features, PCL works faster and simpler. It is also less expensive, being an open language used almost universally by laser-jet printers.

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Convert EPS to PDF Retaining Vectors

Converting a vector image format to PDF usually implies that some of the information used to compress the image is lost and, hence, the quality of the image is affected. However, when you use a powerful converter such as reaConverter, which fits the needs of both professional and amateur graphic designers, you no longer need to compromise when it comes to preserving image quality.

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How to Convert AI to PDF and Maintain Image Quality

Have you ever thought of converting an AI vector file to PDF, but were worried about image quality loss? AI is the native format of Adobe Illustrator and is preferred by many graphics designers for storing and editing vector-based drawings. However, handling an AI file might pose some difficulties. Why? Firstly, vector files tend to be very large in size. So transferring them by e-mail, for example, might be an issue. Secondly, viewing and editing such files requires having Adobe Illustrator or a similar advanced graphics editing software installed on your computer. These types of programs are difficult to use for non-professionals and are quite expensive.

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How to Convert DJVU to PDF Files

DJVU has become a popular format for storing e-books or other types of documents that contain fixed page formatting including text, images, charts or other types of similar features. Many users prefer the DJVU format for storing scanned documents because of its ability to provide good quality in a smaller size than, for example, PDFs. Moreover, DJVU files can contain an optical character recognition layer which helps users copy and paste certain sections of the document with more precision than in the case of PDFs.

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The Easy Way to Convert Multipage TIFs into PDFs

Convert multipage TIFF to multipage PDF file

Do you have a TIF file which includes several pages and you would like to convert it into a PDF with the same multipage structure? Or perhaps you would like each page to be transformed into a separate PDF? In each of these cases, reaConverter is the tool which will help you manage your conversions fast and easy.

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How to Extract Images from a PDF file

Extract JPEGs from PDF

Have you ever tried to extract raster images embedded in a PDF file? In case cropping and pasting is the first method that comes to mind, you probably think this is time consuming and requires quite a lot of effort, particularly when you want to extract a large amount of images.

With reaConverter’s latest edition, extracting raster images from PDF files and saving them under the desired file format can be included in the conversion process and can be done in no more than a few seconds. Here is how.

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How to Convert XPS documents to PDF

At first sight, XPS and PDF files are very similar in terms of size and features. They are both able to store documents including images, text, tables, charts and other types of fixed design page features. They are both difficult to modify, so they are useful for archiving various files which need a non-editable format in any business — invoices, memos, reports, contracts, books.

However, many users find there are some advantages of one format over the other.

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