How to Convert Multipage DWG Files to Multipage PDFs

DWG to PDF Conversion

DWG is a proprietary format of AutoCAD — probably the most popular software for drafting 2D and 3D models in the construction industry. Widely used by engineers, architects, designers and other professionals in this branch, the DWG extension is also compatible with several other computer-aided design programs, including IntelliCAD or Caddie.

Most CAD programs offer users 2 types of drafting environments. One is “model space”, where a draft model is initially sketched according to a defined representation scale, and the other is “paper space”, to which users can switch to when preparing a model for printing. The latter allows you to create several layouts, offering different views of the model. Multipage DWG files can contain both “model” pages and “paper” pages.

For easier access, storing and transferring options, DWG files will often be converted to PDFs. reaConverter’s latest edition not only allows you to process this conversion fast and easy, but also to customize the conversion of multipage DWGs to multipage PDFs, by picking one of the 3 available options: all layouts, only model space or only paper space. The feature is also available for the DXF format, which represents DWG’s interchange version, and can be operated from command-line as well.

This software can also help save a lot of time and effort by avoiding repetitive operations. Here is how to convert batch of multipage DWG images into multipage PDF documents:

Load DWG Images

Select all the multipage DWG or DXF vector files you intend to convert and drop them into the reaConverter window. You can also use the Add files button and opt for the Advanced file select option, which allows you to pick a particular type of extension only, from a source folder containing several others.

Load DWG Files

Loading Settings

Go to the Menu button and click Loading settings → Vector formats loading settings.

Vector Formats Loading Settings

Here you can tick one of the available options for the multipage DWG or DXF output layout. reaConverter allows you to process all pages (all layouts), only “model” pages (model space) or only “paper” pages (all paper spaces).

DWG Layout

Multipage Saving Settings

Go to the Menu button, click Saving settings → Multipage files…

Saving Settings

Click Convert each multipage file to another if you want to create a multipage PDFs.

Choose PDF as Output Format

In the Saving options tab, decide where you will store the resulting images. You can use one of the available destination options — source folder, subfolders, a customized folder.

Saving Options

Finally, pick PDF as an output extension from the buttons placed in the lower part of the window.

PDF Settings

You can also set PDF specific settings from Menu → Saving settings → Format saving settings menu. PDF Security Settings section allows you to enter a password for opening the output PDF files and one for allowing various actions applied to it — printing, editing or copying. When you’re done, don’t forget to click OK to save your options.

PDF Saving Settings

Start Conversion

Then simply press Start, sit back and wait for your new multipage PDFs to be ready!

Developers can include this feature when creating a customized software solution by operating it via command-line, using the following code line:

-dxf_dwg_layout = Output layout (0 - All layouts, 1 - Model space, 2 - All paper spaces)

Video Tutorial

Advanced users can convert convert multipage DWG to multipage PDF with command line interface or DLL in manual, automated or scheduled mode. You are welcome to contact our technical support when you have any questions about reaConverter.