Disable Saving Text as Polygon during Conversion to DWG/DXF

DWG and DXF are two of the most widely used graphics formats in the construction and engineering industry. They are usually created via AutoCAD, the popular software for drafting 2D and 3D computer-aided design projects, and they store large layered files with detailed building plans, maps, model designs etc. DXF represents the interchange version of DWG and both formats are scalable vectors storing images as polygons.

Converting a graphics file to DWG or DXF normally implies saving all its embedded images and texts as polygons. But with reaConverter’s latest edition this feature can be customized, allowing you to save text not as polygon, but as editable text. This not only helps decrease file size, but also offers easier editing options. And it can be done with only a few clicks!

Load your files

Add all the images you intend to convert to DWG or DXF. They can be added one by one or in groups using the drag-and-drop tool, or they can be selected automatically according to file size / extension using the Advanced file select option.

Set saving settings

Go to Menu → Saving settings → Format saving settings and then to the DWG or DXF tab. Here you only have to untick the box next to Convert text to polygons.

This window can also be reached via a handy shortcut: place the pointer over the DWG or DXF button, from the lower part of the screen, and click the Settings icon appearing in its upper left corner. You can also choose a particular Autocad version here to ensure compatibility of the resulting images.

Choose destination and output

Finally, in the Saving options tab decide where you want to save the output files. Before starting the conversion process, don’t forget to select the DWG or DXF button from the Convert to section, in the lower part of the window.

Then press Start and your new DWG/DXF files with embedded text will soon be ready!

Video Tutorial

Advanced users can create DWG/DXF files from command line interface or using DLL in manual, automated or scheduled mode. You are welcome to contact our technical support when you have any questions about reaConverter.