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How to Assign a New ICC Profile during Batch Image Conversion

Using ICC profiles is an absolute must when you want to do effective color management. The reason is simple: they contain all essential data needed for the correct rendering of colors.

ICC stands for International Color Consortium — an independent organization launched in 1993 by eight vendors with the aim of promoting color management systems across different platforms. The ICC profile of an image contains detailed descriptions of how its colors should be rendered, including color space and distribution, how the lightest and darkest tones are dispersed and combined throughout the image pixels etc.

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Managing the ICC Profiles of Images

When preparing images for print, most professional image handlers are particularly careful about how they manage the colors and tones, so as to make sure what will come out on paper will be according to what they planned while editing the image on screen. For this reason, they might want to pay attention to the configuration of the ICC profiles of their images.

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