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ARW Files: What Are They and How Can I Handle Them?


If you are a fan of Sony cameras, you probably came across this question while trying to see or send your digital photos. For a new owner of a Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100, such as myself, handling ARW files turned out to be a tricky business. After taking the first series of photos with my brand new camera, I was quite excited to download and view them on my computer. However, I quickly started asking myself what type of files are these “ARWs” downloaded from my camera and why aren’t my regular image viewers able to open them?

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5 Steps to Convert PDFs into JPEGs Fast and Easy

PDF to JPG conversion
Did you ever have trouble opening a PDF file because your computer / smartphone / tablet didn`t have the proper software application installed? So did many other people! Though generally considered one the “safest” and most convenient formats to use for your documents, PDF (Portable Document Format) has the disadvantage of requiring an external application or plug-in that might not always be quick to install and usually requires long loading times.

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