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How to Keep EXIF Date & Time When Converting Images

If you are a professional photographer who learned his trade before digital cameras became as widespread as they are today, you probably remember that you had to have your own technique for keeping track of how you took each photo. Most photographers from the non-digital era had to carry around a notebook whenever they planned a photo shoot, and wrote down details such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture, if they used a flash or not, etc. This way, when handling their images in the photo lab, they could tell what they did wrong or what they did right depending on how the photo turned out.

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How Do I Convert the CR2 Images from my Canon Camera?


“I have a bunch of CR2 images downloaded from my camera and I can’t open them with any of the image viewers I have installed! Can reaConverter help?”

One of our website visitors sent us this question by e-mail a few days ago. She had just downloaded the photos she made with her brand new Canon Powershot and was excited to view them on her computer. However, she soon realized this was impossible to do with any of the regular software she had for viewing photos.

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Handling NEF Images: 3 Essential Tips

Nikon cameras have lots of fans between both amateur and professional photographers. The brand provides such a huge variety of models and accessories, that it makes it really easy for you to start taking quality pictures, irrespective of the experience or training you have in the field of photography. However, as soon as you download the first set of photos made with your brand new Nikon D800, for example, you might notice they come in a format that your PC can’t decide how to open. The NEF image format is not supported by most regular viewers, and you might also notice it uses a lot of space on your hard-drive.

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