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The Easy Way to Watermark Your Images for Free

Are you worried that your photographs might be used without permission once you post them online? The easiest way to make sure your author rights are protected is to add a visible watermark on your photos. This is the equivalent to adding a signature — it can be your name or the initials of your name, your logo, a quote, or any other type of text or image you find suitable. Watermarking is also a good way to keep track of your photos; you can use it to create date stamps or to mark EXIF or META data on your photos.

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How to Watermark Images via Command Line

If you want to make sure your copyrights are protected and no one will use the images you create without explicit permission, watermarking your images is the best solution. But this implies editing each image so that it includes a personalized text or image which appears transparently, with customizable size and position. Many people might find that to be a complicated task, involving a series of repetitive operations.

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