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3 Easy Steps to Changing the DPI for Several Images

The number of dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI) of an image define its resolution and, hence, its quality. Some people think DPI and PPI are one and the same thing, but if you want to be truly accurate, you should know the former refers to the resolution of a printed image, whereas the latter refers to what you see on screen.

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How to Make Animated GIFs

Animated GIF

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is one of the most popular formats for storing short animations, offering a succession of several images of your choice. You can often see them used in online ad banners or showing short “moving image” sequences on various social networks.

While some people think creating animated GIFs requires sophisticated software specialized in processing videos, the truth is with reaConverter’s free edition you can make your own customized animation in a matter of seconds.

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How to Batch Crop images with free edition of reaConverter

How to crop a picture

Are you a photographer, a graphics designer or some other type of professional image handler? Then you have probably experienced for quite a few times the dullness of operating with a large group of image files. Doing the same operations over and over again, for each and every image, might not only be tedious, but also eats up a lot of your time and energy. So instead of doing recurring operations manually, why not opt for a free and automated way to handle your images?

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The Easy Way to Watermark Your Images for Free

Are you worried that your photographs might be used without permission once you post them online? The easiest way to make sure your author rights are protected is to add a visible watermark on your photos. This is the equivalent to adding a signature — it can be your name or the initials of your name, your logo, a quote, or any other type of text or image you find suitable. Watermarking is also a good way to keep track of your photos; you can use it to create date stamps or to mark EXIF or META data on your photos.

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