How to Make Animated GIFs

Animated GIF

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is one of the most popular formats for storing short animations, offering a succession of several images of your choice. You can often see them used in online ad banners or showing short “moving image” sequences on various social networks.

While some people think creating animated GIFs requires sophisticated software specialized in processing videos, the truth is with reaConverter’s free edition you can make your own customized animation in a matter of seconds.

Install reaConverter Lite

Download and install the freeware edition of reaConverter from

Load Frames

Start reaConverter and load all the image frames you intend to include in your animated GIF, having any extension out of the 550+ supported by reaConverter. For best results, pick images with similar size and theme, that can create a “moving image” effect when converted into an animation.

Load animation frames

Set GIF Animation Delay

Go to the Menu button and then click Saving settings → Format saving settings and the GIF tab. Here, choose a desired animation delay time between frames.

GIF settings

Save All Frames Into One GIF Image

Next, go back to the Menu button and then to Saving settings → Additional saving settings, and pick the Multipage tab. Make sure the “Save all processed files to one file” option is ticked.

Multipage settings

Choose Saving Settings

Pick the GIF extension for your output animation by simply pressing the corresponding button from the ones conveniently placed in the lower part of the window. Then go to Saving settings and pick the location for the output file — save it either locally or using an online cloud storing service.

Saving settings

Finally, press the Start button and your animated GIF will soon be ready! Fast, Easy and Free!

Video Tutorial

Advanced users can make animated GIFs using command line interface, watch folders or DLL in automated mode. You are welcome to contact our technical support when you have any questions about reaConverter.