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Converting Several AI Files to JPEG in 3 Easy Steps

Adobe Illustrator has a lot of fans among graphic designers and a great ranking between other programs used for creating and editing vector graphics. If you are one of those fans, you probably use AI files a lot, since this is the native format for Illustrator. The AI extension is great to use for vector-based drawings when you have Adobe Illustrator installed on all the computers on which you plan to open and handle these image files. There are also a few other programs that support the AI format, including Adobe Reader, Corel Draw and Adobe InDesign.

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How to Convert AI to PDF and Maintain Image Quality

Have you ever thought of converting an AI vector file to PDF, but were worried about image quality loss? AI is the native format of Adobe Illustrator and is preferred by many graphics designers for storing and editing vector-based drawings. However, handling an AI file might pose some difficulties. Why? Firstly, vector files tend to be very large in size. So transferring them by e-mail, for example, might be an issue. Secondly, viewing and editing such files requires having Adobe Illustrator or a similar advanced graphics editing software installed on your computer. These types of programs are difficult to use for non-professionals and are quite expensive.

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Perform Vector to Vector Direct Conversion


Do you have an AI, a CDR or some other type of vector file that you would like to convert to a different vector format? Perhaps you have CAD vector format files, such as DWG, DXF, PLT or Windows Metafiles: EMF/WMF and you would like to convert them to another accessible vector formats such as SVG or PDF? In any situations above, reaConverter allows you to process this operation fast and easy through its vector to vector direct conversion feature.

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Do I Need GhostScript When I Convert a PDF?

We recently received this question from a ReaConverter user who tried to convert a PDF document into an AI (Adobe Illustrator) image format and was slightly puzzled by a message that popped up before conversion, saying GhostScript is required. He also mentioned a GhostScript driver was already installed on his computer, so he couldn’t figure out why the conversion wouldn’t work.

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